A lifetime investment into the quality and fine craftsmanship practiced through one of the oldest crafts in the world.

Our weavings carry with them the energy and passion transferred to it by the designers, artisans and crafters who have a hand in materialising it.

We deliver of the best quality Mohair rugs and weavings worldwide, made proudly in South Africa.

Each rug is unique in its making – handmade by an all woman team working in unison to achieve the best they can possibly offer.

Through this skill we are able to empower the community and give them a sense of pride to build a heritage they can be proud of.

Bring luxury and durability into your home, using natural fibers, and let us guide you through the process of owning an exclusively handmade rug for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.

If it’s quality you are after – look no further
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A Karoo Looms produced rug or weaving is a lifetime investment

These beautiful hand crafted rugs are made using the finest materials

Be a part of our journey in building a more sustainable community


We work closely with decorators and designers nationally and internationally

Karoo Looms retails direct or works closely with decorators and designers nationally and internationally, contact us from anywhere in the world and we will put you in touch with our closest retailer to view samples and discuss your requirements.


The Insider SA features six inspiring creatives exploring texture

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Meet a visual artist producing one-of-a-kind pieces with coffee on canvas, and visit South Africa’s food capital to see how one of the country’s top chefs is creating magic in the kitchen using locally foraged ingredients.



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